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The Bankovsky Analytic (Banking analyst) software system

The Bankovsky Analytic (Banking analyst) software system is intended for commercial bank employees, engaged in the analysis of financial standing and feasibility study of credits for enterprises and organizations. Its creation history dates back to 1990, when programs on economic and financial analysis of corporate activity were introduced by us on the Russian market. The Bankovsky Analytic (Banking analyst) software system is not the software "for everybody, " but it is elaborated specially for credit institutions' employees.

As of today, the Bankovsky Analytic (Banking analyst) software system tackles the following problems:

  • Keeping financial dossier of the bank customers;
  • Analysis of customer financial and economic standing, automatic formulation of text conclusion for the bank's credit committee;
  • Calculation of the borrower credit solvency class;
  • The borrower rating, credit risk computation on extended loans and reserve amount calculation on credit requirements;
  • Evaluating financial standing of corporate bodies - founders of financial institutions;
  • Evaluating fixed asset cost;
  • Development and analysis of the credit feasibility study;
  • Development and analysis of investment projects, evaluation of investment efficiency;
  • Business (company) cost evaluation;
  • Planning and factorial control, analysis of deviations while implementing the feasibility study;
  • The drawing up of own methods for analysis.
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