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Business Training

Business training is carried out at the Institute of Computer Technologies (ICT), established in 1995 on the basis of the INEC training center

ICT has been granted state accreditation certificate No.25-1438 of the Russian Federation's Education Ministry, license No.16-578 of the Education Ministry dd. November 2, 1998. ICT has been accredited by the Institute of Charted Accountants of the Russian Federation and the Russian Finance Ministry.

The training is based on the principle of combining theory and practice, consulting and exercises, simulating real-life situations. The technology of distant training, applied by ICT, combines positive features of traditional educational methods with advanced information technologies

The ICT training schedule includes:

  • Upgrading courses for specialists in finance and personnel management, marketing and sales
  • Training sessions and workshops dedicated to learning and using the INEC group software products
  • More than 100 workshops and training sessions on financial management, accounting, audit, marketing, sales, PR, corporate culture, etiquette, etc.
  • Training specialists in the field of information technologies
  • Preparatory and upgrading courses for chartered accountants and auditors
  • Professional re-training in the areas of:
    • accounting, financial analysis and audit
    • personnel management
  • Individual corporate programs, developed with due consideration of problems and sectoral specifics of the customer company

Professionals and companies, which strive for business prosperity, opt for the ICT effective author-developed programs and advanced training methods

.:: System of distant training and certification

System of distant training and certification of professional competence, quality or correspondence with established requirements. Distant training will make it possible to independently form training courses according to a selected curriculum, input indispensable exercise books into one's own computer, order a required standard or technical regulation out of electronic library, consult with experts in time, participate in applied expertise, appraisal, certification procedures.

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