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INEC-ADP software system

The Result of working with the INEC-ADP software of the analytic series is the analysis of financial and economic activity of enterprises, belonging to all activity types.

This software includes all possibilities of the INEC-AFSP and solves a broader range of problems. The source information is used not only in the form of balance sheet data, profit and loss reports, monetary proceeds and expenditures, but also the information on revenues structure (product, goods, services assortment; cost, quantity, price) prime cost calculation, products' purchase and circulation expenses, profit use.

The software enables the User to create its own analysis methods. If the User opts for developing its own analysis methods it is provided with an extremely accessible mechanism of choosing formula for calculating indices with the possibility of their viewing in writing and formulating its own comments on created indices.

If compared with the INEC-AFSP, the INEC-ADP software enables one to additionally:

  • Analyze price change rates on corporate products (goods, services, other revenue items), and the main kinds of tangible resources and other expenses;
  • Estimate efficiency of utilizing raw material, fuel and energy resources;
  • Analyze efficiency of producing and selling each type of products, services, goods;
  • Monitor the structural change of prime cost and revenues in progress, the dynamics of movement of products, resources and goods in the warehouse;
  • Determine the break-even point and the financial stability resource of an enterprise;
  • Carry out factorial analysis of profit dynamics;
  • Analyze the labor productivity change;
  • Calculate selling volume per 1 ruble expenses, revenues and profit per one employee;
  • Estimate commercial margin and the ratio between labor payment and revenues;
  • Distribute indirect costs proportionally to direct costs for wages, direct material costs, all direct costs, revenues derived from selling or industrial production volumes.
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