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INEC-AFSP software system

The result of working with the INEC-AFSP software of the Analytic series is the financial analysis of enterprises, belonging to all activity types on the basis of external accounting data (balance sheet, profit and loss statements, monetary proceeds and expenditures).

As the source data for analysis the program employs Russian accounting over various periods, beginning with the year 1991. Standard accounting forms are constantly changing, that is why, to provide for the principle of comparison, the mechanism of initial forms' transformation into analytical forms, whose articles have similar economic contents on any date under review, has been set in the program. Such an approach makes it possible to objectively and correctly evaluate corporate financial standing in dynamics during several years in a row and ensures comparability of results.

The software advantage enables one to:

  • Change standard lines of accounting, by way of adding one's own lines into balance sheet and profit and loss statements;

  • Consider sectoral and economic specifics of company activity

  • Implement own methods of financial analysis

  • Receive practically all legally regulated methods for financial analysis on financial rehabilitation, evaluation of state unitary enterprises, joint-stock companies with state-owned shares;

  • Consolidate and analyze financial statements of enterprises, integrated in holdings and financial-industrial groups;

  • Compare and range the company activity

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